Get Connected

Every doctor working in the UK is required to have a connection to a healthcare entity or Designated Body with which they are employed or to which they are contracted.

Some organisations, such as primary care trusts and hospitals, are automatically recognised as designated bodies, other organisations are eligible to become designated bodies when they have a prescribed connection with at least one doctor usually through employment or contractual arrangements.

Once the status of an organisation as a designated body has been confirmed, the board of the designated body should formally appoint their responsible officer to ensure regulatory compliance.

List of Designated Bodies 

An updated list of designated bodies is published regularly by the GMC along with the name and contact details of its responsible officer.

Establishing your Designated Body

Solas Healthcare will establish whether your healthcare entity is eligible for designated body status and will submit your designated body application to NHS England and the GMC. Once designated body status has been successfully achieved, Solas Healthcare will provide your healthcare entity with the necessary regulatory framework. We will provide you with appraisal and revalidation policies, a database to store appraisal and revalidation data, submit annual returns and statements of compliance to the GMC, and deal with any appraisal and revalidation concerns.