What is a Designated Body?

Doctors working in the UK benefit from being connected to a Designated Body. The Designated Body is usually the healthcare entity where they are employed or with which they are contracted. If a doctor is not able to be connected with a Designated Body, they may be able to find a Suitable Person to connect with. If they are unable to do this, they must provide the GMC with the information necessary to show that they are fit to practice. 

Some organisations, such as NHS primary care trusts and hospitals, are automatically recognised as Designated Bodies, other organisations are eligible to become Designated Bodies when they have a prescribed connection with at least one doctor usually through employment or contractual arrangements. A GMC Designated Body is an organisation that has been approved by the General Medical Council to be responsible for the revalidation of doctors who are licensed to practice medicine in the United Kingdom. The GMC maintains a list of Designated Bodies and individuals may check with the GMC to find out which Designated Body is responsible for their revalidation. It’s important for doctors to know who their Designated Body is, as they must engage with it for their appraisal and revalidation.

Once the status of an organisation as a Designated Body has been confirmed, the board of the Designated Body should formally appoint their responsible officer to ensure regulatory compliance.

List of Designated Bodies 

An updated list of designated bodies is published regularly by the GMC along with the name and contact details of its responsible officer.

Your Trusted Platform for Revalidation Support

At Solas Healthcare, we understand that the revalidation process can be complex and time-consuming for healthcare professionals. We take pride in our ability to oversee and support your revalidation needs. Our team of experts are well-versed in the requirements for doctors’ revalidation, and we provide guidance and assistance throughout.

Solas Healthcare will establish whether your healthcare entity is eligible for designated body status. If so, we can help your organisation become a designated body. Once designated body status has been successfully achieved, Solas Healthcare will help your healthcare entity to comply with the regulatory framework. We will provide you with appraisal and revalidation policies, a database to store appraisal and revalidation data, will submit your annual board report and statements of compliance, and deal with any doctors appraisal and revalidation concerns.