Delivering Excellence

Solas Healthcare helps to empower and support your medical practice by catering to all your appraisal and revalidation needs thereby allowing you to focus on your developing you specialist clinical practice.

The doctor’s revalidation service provided by us at Solas Healthcare is the best choice for clinicians seeking the highest quality and most cost-effective service. We provide a service that focuses on delivering excellence.

Helping You Get Appraised

Solas Healthcare provides connected doctors with a complete appraisal policy. With the help and support of our experienced specialist appraisers, who have helped appraise thousands of doctors, we simplify the process of doctors’ appraisal and help on your route to revalidation

A-Z of Doctors’ Appraisal

At Solas Healthcare, we provide doctors with the help they need to understand the regulations regarding the appraisal and revalidation process. With our doctors’ appraisal services, one of the best in the UK, we help guide medical practitioners through the appraisal process to ensure that their appraisal is successful. The high-quality appraisal platform that we use also ensures that we can facilitate multi-source feedback for your doctors, a requirement for revalidation.